Investor FAQs

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Biostage:

Will email addresses be changing for the contacts with whom I communicate?

All Biostage employees have been transitioned to a new email address format based on the URL. Our email addresses are based on the first letter of the first name followed by last name   So Sam Jenkins would be

In addition, existing email addresses that have been used in the past are forwarded to each persons’ new address, so that they will be assured of receiving your emails during the transition period. 

Should I change the physical location/mailing address to which invoices or shipments are submitted?

No, our physical and mailing address locations are not changing. However, you will need to update your records and correspondence for purchase orders, invoicing, etc. to reflect our new legal name(s) Biostage, Inc.  Please do so as soon as possible but certainly by the end of April 2016.

Where is Biostage’s corporate headquarters?

Biostage’s headquarters will remain at the same location: 84 October Hill Road, Suite 11, Holliston, MA  01746, with the same main phone number 774-233-7300. The Company’s website is

Will my contract with Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technology, Inc. need to be revised or recreated?

No. Existing contracts and agreements that reference Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technology, Inc. legal entities remain in full force before and after the name change, and will be fully honored under Biostage, Inc. We do not anticipate any changes to other contract terms and conditions. Changes to the name within these documents will occur upon renewal only. 

What is Biostage’s fiscal year?

The company’s fiscal year will continue to be January 1 – December 31. 

When was Biostage founded?

Biostage, Inc. was spun-off to shareholders of Harvard Bioscience, Inc. (HBIO) on November 1, 2013. Prior to its spin-off, the Company was a business segment of Harvard Bioscience, Inc. At the time of its spin-off, the Company’s name was Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technology, Inc.

Who can I contact about questions regarding my investment in Biostage, Inc. Nasdaq: BSTG (formerly Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technology, Inc. (HART)

Please feel free to contact our Vice President of Finance, Peter Chakoutis, with questions regarding Biostage or to have your name added to our investor email distribution list. Our team is committed to addressing your questions immediately and to responding to messages or emails in no more than 24 hours.

Peter’s contact information is as follows:

                Peter Chakoutis, Vice President of Finance
                Phone:                (774) 233-7339                           

Will I need to turn in my Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technology (HART) stock to convert my ownership into Biostage shares?

If your shares are in a brokerage account:  If you hold your shares in a brokerage account or retirement account, the conversion of your shares from HART into Biostage shares will happen automatically over the next few days, and you do not need to take any action for this to happen. Name changes are a normal occurrence and the systems are well set up to take care of this, though it might take a few days in certain circumstances. Please contact your broker with any questions about this transfer, as Biostage does not have access information about shares held at brokerage firms.

If your shares are held in certificate form:  If you hold your shares in certificate form, there is nothing you need to do in the near term, because our Transfer Agent and Registrar will adjust their records to reflect the name change and will note your HART share certificates now reflect an ownership interest (same number of shares) in Biostage shares. Eventually you will have to submit your share certificate to the Transfer Agent and Registrar – Computershare Limited (contact info below) to receive a new certificate or to set up an account with them in which your shares can be held electronically by Computershare in the new Biostage, Inc. name. 

What market does Biostage trade on?

Biostage has traded on the OTCQB marketplace under the ticker symbol BSTG since December 2017.  After its name change from Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technology, Inc. to Biostage, Inc., Biostage traded on the Nasdaq Capital Market under the ticker symbol BSTG, effective with regular trading on Friday, April 1, 2016.  Prior to that, Biostage traded on the Nasdaq Capital Market under the ticker symbol HART.

Do I have the same number of Biostage shares as I had HART shares?

Yes, the number of shares you own will not be affected by the company’s name change.

What is Biostage’s Common Stock CUSIP (identification) number?

Effective immediately Biostage’s common stock CUSIP is 09074M103
Previously Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technology’s CUSIP for common stock was 41690A106

Who is Biostage’s transfer agent and registrar and Whom do I contact with questions about my stock certificates?

Biostage, Inc.’s transfer agent and registrar is Computershare Limited Computershare can be reached as follows:

Phone: 1 800 522 6645 or 1 201 680 6578
Mail: Regular Mail Address By Overnight Delivery
  P.O. BOX 30170 211 Quality Circle, Suite 210
  College Station, TX 77842 College Station, TX 77845
How can I view documents Biostage, Inc. has filed with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)?

To access Biostage’s filings with the SEC, please visit:

How can I request additional information or materials from the company?

Our investor relations team’s contact information is as follows:

               Peter Chakoutis, Vice President of Finance
                Phone:                (774) 233-7339